Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Top 8 : America's Next Top Model Cycle 16

This week, all of the models are having a photo shoot with a baby jaguar.
It was very cute. I want is so bad. :)
Hannah was called first, leaving Molly and Dalya in the bottom two. (surprisingly)
Dalya was eliminated.
So, there are my rankings this week :)

8th Place : Monique

7th Place : Alexandria

6th Place : Kasia

5th Place : Molly

4th Place : Mikaela

3rd Place : Brittani

2nd Place : Jaclyn

1st Place : Hannah

Eliminated : Dalya Morrow :(

Bye Bye Dalya.

Disclaimer: This is just an opinion and personal favourites from the writer. It would not affect the real result of the competition :p

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

America's Next Top Model 16 : Ranking the Top 9

Hello everybody. It's been quite a long time I did not blogging on ANTM. Life is busy as a bee and internet connection via my broadband is slower than you can ever imagine. :)
But now I'm back :)

America's Next Top Model Cycle 16 is back guys. The girls still running for a spread in Italian Vogue Magazine. These cycle will bring a lot of dramas than other season. So, in the most recent episode they have to do runway on fire. I mean it guys. ON FIRE. Like, real FIRE. The girls also filmed a retro-style commercial directed by the famous photographer, Francesco Carrozzini. Sara was eliminated. I told you before. :). My prediction was right. So, these are my ranking for this week :)

9th Place : Mikaela

Mikaela is a strong model in feature. Her face bone structure is amazing. She definitely has what high fashion needs. Interesting look. Week after week, Mikaela has inconsistent performance, leaning her in a risk position. She has to work to open her eyes bigger and give some colours on her personality. Like past cycles, personality does count to be a top model. So Mikaela, you better bring it girl :)

8th Place : Monique

Monique is a sexy and beautiful girl. She is a dream for every straight guys. I mean it. Her face is stunning and her body is amazing. Monique's problem is she is too concern on her sexiness rather than trying to improve her performances in the competition. Taking some fairly photos and did not stand out much will only keeps her in the bottom of the pack. I couldn't see Monique being in the Top 6 until she proved herself is more than a sexy woman :)

7th Place : Alexandria

This girl is a model material. She wants this so bad. Taking gorgeous and stunning photos, Alexandria is definitely a front-runner of the competition. However, the reason she is in this 7th spot is because of her attitude. Alexandria needs to work on her attitude. She is a very potential model. Other girls see her as a threat. Enough to explain she is a good model. Last 2 episodes really show what is wrong with this girl. Definitely attitude problem. Like past cycles, girls with bad attitude does not secure good position in the competition. So, Alexandria better be good unless you'll be packing your things soon :)

6th Place : Brittani

I love Brittani. In fact she is my favourite contestant this cycle. She is fresh, young and energetic. Her face is a high-fashion material. Doing so well for the first three episodes, Brittani shows her weakness this week. She is definitely not an actress. She is okay in the commercial but a bit bores. She's taking some great photos and it is a waste if she does not sustain her momentum. Her makeover was stunning, bringing her gorgeous features into one step ahead. Brittani needs to stand out in this competition. If not, somebody will stole the final spot from you girl :)

5th Place : Dalya

Dalya is the only African-American girl left. There are rumors said that Dalya will be in the top 6 since she is the only African-American girl. But I don't believe it since this competition is all about skills and ability to be a top model. In cycle 11, there are no African-American girl in the top 6. So, Dalya needs to work on her photos and posing aspect since she already owns the runway. Her walk was amazing and elegance. So, the only thing that will keep Dalya stay in the competition is her ability to produce stunning photos. Her pre-show photo is definitely the strongest but others were just an OKAY.

4th Place : Kasia

Kasia is the only full-figure model in this competition. (or Fiercely-Real according to Tyra). Kasia proved something this week. She is serious about modeling. She really put on her heels and practice her walk while walking back home from the fire fashion show. She got first call out this week and proved the judges, her determination is big. Kasia also produced good photo past two weeks which is another reason why I am putting this girl in this position. Kasia needs to play with her angles in photos and she is going to be a front-runner. You better bring it Kasia :)

3rd Place : Molly

Despite of the bad weave she had, Molly proved she is another break-out of the season. Produce great photos every week, Molly will definitely be in the top 6. Molly's walk is acceptable and her ability to produce good photos has been excellently proved. Nothing much to say about Molly. If this girl keeps her momentum in this competition, the final runway will definitely be her spot.

2nd Place : Jaclyn

I love this girl. She has great personality. She is bubbly and she is so cute. I love her quote on "You can't be model because you have a baby face". This southern bell is serious about the competition. Her positive attitude will keeps her in a very safe position in this competition. Tyra loves her. We love her. She proved to the world a model is more than being exclusive. She is very polite and humble. And if she keeps stay this cute, she will become a star :)

1st Place : Hannah-Leigh

Hannah is definitely in a very safe position. She has been in the top 6 position for 4 episodes. She has been called out first once and second once. She's brilliant in the commercial and she give positive attitude through the show. Hannah reminds me of Analeigh from cycle 11. They are like twins. If Hannah keeps her energy and improve her skill even more, Hannah will be in top of the pack. Hannah has to find a way to give variety in her face expression.

Disclaimer: This is just an opinion and personal favourites from the writer. It would not affect the real result of the competition :p

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ANTM Cycle 16 : Ranking The Remaining Girls

America's Next Top Model Cycle 16 is now back. 10 girls remains. Who will becoming America's Next Top Model?
These are my rankings.

10th Place : Sara

9th Place : Mikaela

8th Place : Monique

7th Place : Dalya

6th Place : Kasia

5th Place : Jaclyn

4th Place : Hannah

3rd Place : Alexandria

2nd Place : Molly

1st Place : Brittani

Disclaimer: This is just an opinion and personal favourites from the writer. It would not affect the actual result of the competition :p

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