Friday, November 26, 2010

ANTM Cycle 15 Finale : High Fashion Battle



America's Next Top Model Cycle 15 has come down to the final episode. The battle between two different and outstanding girls in the competition. Ann Ward, awkward and stunning girl from Dallas, Texas or Chesley Hersley, gorgeous and fierce girl from Boise, Idaho.

Basically, these are the strongest top 2 ever compete in the history of America's Next Top Model. Both of them really look beautiful in the photos. One with the ability to translate her awkwardness into high-fashion face and another one would kill the runway show.

Let's talk about each girls strong features.

Chelsey Hersley

- Her runway walk is the strongest of the bunch

- Her knowledge and passion for the industry blew me away

- Her freckles and gap on her teeth makes her looks FIERCE

- Taking good photos too :)

Let us see some of these two gorgeous girls' portfolio.

Chelsey's Portfolio

Ann Ward

- Taking really gorgeous photos, naturally photogenic

- Has what it takes to land on the Italian Vogue

- Humble and unique in both personality and look

- Camera loves her <3

Ann's Portfolio

Who will win America's Next Top Model?

Disclaimer: This is just an opinion and personal favourites from the writer. It would not affect the real result of the competition :p

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